Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Email signature this month

My GM asked me to design two new signatures. One signature would be eid mubarak theme and the other was any signature related to the f&b product. It was easy to make eid signature but not pretty easy for the other one. Above you can see, is one of the f&b signature this month, but GM does not like it. He’s right, the four images are too small. In fact, those pictures are the ones we want to show to people. He suggested me to delete the pool image and simply enlarge the four pictures.
The color, the shape, the logo, and names of the restaurants remain the same, but I changed the copy (the text) with “Discover Novotel…” This is very cliché, and I don’t think it is appropriate anymore to the property (the resort), since the Novotel Al Dana Resorts has been established for about 5 years and people aware about it. “It should not longer Discover…,” said Maria Vivero, my friend, my mom, and my director of art.
She’s right, we should emphasize on the next understanding of our market. Just give them a question, “what is your pleasure…? Just like to encourage or to trigger or to convince, to declare, propagate or even challenge our customers. Like…”what do you want..!!?

Then we can answer… whatever your request, we will serve…

Imagine, if you are a guest of a resort, then you are asked by one of its staff similar question, will you be challenged? he….

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Perfect Irony

This morning, as usual, every monday, I received an electronic newsletter from Discovery Bali, one of leading online companies in Bali. I was shocked to read one of the news.

It was about Bali branding. The title of the news was "lack of support of Bali's branding effort". It reminded me when I was in Bali, struggling with Bali Tourism Board to socialize the significance of branding or rebranding of Bali tourism.

It was 2 or 3 years ago and today, it seems nothing significantly happen. The government, the public sector, the private enterprises itself, all the related and responsible stakeholders, seem does not care with this issue. Even the minister of tourism has no idea to convince public to be aware with this critical issue.

Just visit Perhaps, you have an idea what going on and how to solve this matter. Wallahu A'lam.