Sunday, January 27, 2008

Magical Soeharto

Most of my friends in Indonesia text me, today, updating the latest condition of Soeharto, former president of Indonesia. This authoritarian leader passed away, today. He had been ailing in a hospital in the capital, Jakarta, since January 4 when he was admitted with failing kidneys, heart and lungs.

"Tadi, sqitar jam 1 mantan presiden Soeharo meninggal dunia..."

"Pak Harto akhirnya meninggal.."

"Suharto meninggal tadi sore"

(Suharto has passed away...)

Above are some text i received and of course, this news is definitely become one of the headlines over the world. Some blogs of my friend has been reporting a series of his stories, and hundreds of Indonesian bloggers had paid attention on his latest health.

Most bloggers, including me, are interested to post articles on Suharto. I was previously not interested in writing anything about him, but because those sms, I am currently bloody posting a comment on it.

I just wonder, Suharto is still a strong figure. You can see lots of people, not only in the country but also bloggers around the world pay attention on him. Posting his news, and even my friends sent me sms, some of them expressing condolence.

In a televised address, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on "the people of Indonesia to pay their last respects to one of Indonesia's best sons ... who has done very great service to his beloved nation." Yudhoyono's office declared a week of national mourning. Can you imagine that.

About a week ago, I watched a talk show on Al Jazeera English Channel, three Indonesia activists were brought to the tv studio in Doha, Qatar. They were debating about Suharto's court.

Believe it or not, you gotta agree with me, that Suharto is still ruling, he ruled your opinion over decades, he has been ruling our attention for the last 3 weeks, and even he died, he is currently hypnotizing you to read this useless posting. I got you...!!!

A magical Suharto...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Everyone left, but....

Almost half of Indonesian hotelier left Novotel Al Dana Resort. Some of them finished the contract, others resigned. and here are the ones who remain cool, working at the resort.

Suka and Agung, both are Balinese. Suka is a receptionist and Agung is F&B Attendant at La Perle Restaurant.

Rio, me and Rizky. Rio is a senior F&B Captain and Rizky is F&B attendant.

Marcia, originally from Jakarta but had been living in Bali for pretty long time. She is currently a sales coordinator.


Ratna (left), F&B Captain at La Bellevue Lounge Bar, Novotel. Utie (second from left), Rosa (third from left). Utie and Rosa are no longer working for Novotel Bahrain.

My broken heart Valentine Ad

Visual below is my rejected ad. GM doesnt like it.

To me, its perfect. I guess it will be different in the market, where most hotel will depict picture of flower, cople, cake, heart-shaped sweet, buffet decoration, buffet station, nothing special...

But GM wants something more real, exposing a couple of lovers, something like that. To him, this ad is too novotel, he wants to expose only small novotel logo int the corner. The main visual should be replace with something related to the symbol of love. "see last year ad, something similar with it" he said.

Hmm, pretty hard to gain a new idea, and i run out of time. We worked on it during Ashoora holiday. With this very tight schedule, i dont know weather we can match what he expect .

But what to do, we have to think about it, think..think.. think...

God, give me a creative...

Yalla,, work...

Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 Novotel Al Dana Resort's Pledge

The Novotel Al Dana Resort is Bahrain’s only deluxe resort hotel which combines classic and contemporary Arabian culture, represented in its architecture and facilities. In 2008, the resort continues to improve its services as well as upgrades its facilities in order to make your stay all the more pleasurable.

A perfect Place
The hotel is perfectly located just minutes from Bahrain international airport and diplomatic area, which makes it ideal for quick business trips to the kingdom. With its private beach and fitness centre, Novotel is also the perfect place to relax.

Room for Everyone
At the Novotel, there are 174 elegantly designed rooms and suites with an authentic Arabian feel. Some of the rooms have been built over the sea, offering stunning views from the balcony. The conference centre at Novotel is an ideal location for business meetings, press conferences or even private functions such as weddings. It accommodates up to 250 people and coupled with the catering offered by the hotel, your event is sure to be successful and memorable, no matter what the occasion.

Luxury Experience
The pool at the resort is unlike any other in the Kingdom, elegantly designed and with its own waterfall it offers guests a unique experience that helps ease their minds and takes them away from the strife of everyday life. The poolside bar gives you the opportunity to cool off while sipping on your favourite drink as you sit in the water.

Culinary Delight
Novotel also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the food at any one of their four fine dining outlets. Al Yacout offers the most authentic Moroccan experience on the island while Zytoun offers you the chance to experience a taste of the Mediterranean. La Perle offers the finest in seafood dining while La Bellevue gives patrons the opportunity to sit down with friends and family to enjoy a drink with panoramic sea views.

For information, call 17 298-008.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Bye Edmund Hillary

The humble New Zealand beekeeper, Sir Edmund Hillary, who shot to global fame as the first person in 1953, to reach the summit of the highest Mountain, Everest, had passed away on Friday 11th January 2008. According to an officer at Auckland Hospital, he had heart attack after a spell of bad health.

This news had been spread everywhere. Most daily and television report it as a headline and millions of people in the world pay attention and condolence on him.

One thing I like from him, he consistently refused to confirm he was the first man reach the mountain, he was always saying he and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay had climbed as a team to the top. It was a measure of his modesty, and of his commitment to his colleagues. Salute…!

Good bye Hillary, the world has noted your name and thousand of climbers will always remember you. You are in every single heart of not only climber but furthermore you are very special for every adventurer in this planet.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I did fishing, eventually. It has been my dream since I came to this island. I planned to do it before hac, but I could not make it. Daily routines and rush-hectic job I had forced me to stay mostly at hotel and flat.

My busiest two months had gone and the time comes to me to start angling…

After observing some fishing shops in Manama, I bought a set of fishing tackle, comprising a fishing rod, a fishing reel, a 300 yards fishing line, swivels, sinkers, a knife, and hooks.

I was very happy, can you imagine that. I swung the rod and threw the line. I still can feel the smell of coastal breeze, it was fresh.., it’s kind of dry and salty, hmmm feel likes yummy…

But I got nothing, maybe because the place and I had only a very short time, two days ago, on 1st Muharram (Thursday, 10 Jan 08), my offday. I walked quite far from my flat in Juffair. There are currently some reclamation projects, seems like hotel or apartment constructions, some unfinished huge buildings. I went there and search the best I could. But because the place is normally busy, fishes don’t want to stay around there.

I started at 4pm, when I arrived I saw a car and a couple was fishing as well. I greeted them had some short chats. Three hours later, I went home.

I planned to go on the following day, but because the rain, I cancel angling. I waited until afternoon, but the weather did not permit. Beside cold weather, Bahrain has recently rain. I like it but I wish it doesn’t happen during my fishing time.

Hmm, I will do it again. Next stop will be a place close to a bridge near to my hotel. Or… Mohammed will invite me to go with his boat. Wow, that’s would be great…!
I wish…

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Road to Mecca: pictorial 2

Prophet cemetery, inside of the Nabawi Mosque

Hac stuffs; qur'an, ihram clothes, mobile, id card, ihram belt, hac guidance, wirid book

Infront of Kuba Mosque. Prophet said, if you pray 2 raka'ats at this mosque, you will get a reward as equal to do one Umrah.

Inside of Kuba Mosque. Look at the roof, it is flip top.

With some Eropean hac travellers at the terrace of Qiblatain Mosque. Qiblatain means two Qiblats, or two directions. I saw there were 2 opposite Qiblats, one towards Mecca and the other one towards Aqsa, Palestine.

Next to Shopping arcade, outside of the Nabawi Mosque.

Noor and Athouve, both pakistani, with background of Jabel Badr (Badr Mountain).

Noor and me, at Jabel Badr, a place where prophet lost his two great leaders in Badr war.

Approaching Haram Mosque, we were going to perform Thawaf umrah, Saee umrah and Tahallul umrah.

This crowd was at Marwa, where we did Saee.

View from Haram Mosque. The goverment of Mecca has been upgrading Hac facilities, including the mosque itself. You will see lots of unfinished infrastuctures, and if you go Hac every year, you will notice some changes or let say improvement. Seem the goverment has been trying the best to serve their tourists.

Attending a lecture, at the Mina Tent.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome Back my Rain

Finally, I experienced raining last night. For the first time, during this winter season, and new year. I could smell the rain, the odour of rain water hit top soil. I miss it…

I intentionally went out of my flat, just to enjoy this circumstance, I enjoyed walking to Al Jazeera supermarket, to buy some stuffs and when I was coming back, the rain was getting heavy. It’s cool, you know, remind me when I was in Bali.

I hope it is not the only rain happen during this winter, because last year, I noticed we had only two or three times, and even very light rain.

Last night, although it was only 5 minutes, it was somewhat heavy. Hmm… I am happy.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Road to Mecca: pictorial 1

Here are some pictures during my visit to the Kingdom of Saudi

Sami, me and Rizky. They picked me up and droped me to the meeting point. Thanks, bro.

with Dante, he's coming, surprised me.

Saudi immigration officers, ups.. + tentara, intel, preman...

view from our bus, on the way to Madina: It surprised me, when I knew they call this animal "Jamal", it's kind of name of Indonesian guy...

Finally I reached Madina and I found The Nabawi Mosque, it's 2am

Inside of the Nabawi Mosque

to be continued.....