Friday, January 11, 2008


I did fishing, eventually. It has been my dream since I came to this island. I planned to do it before hac, but I could not make it. Daily routines and rush-hectic job I had forced me to stay mostly at hotel and flat.

My busiest two months had gone and the time comes to me to start angling…

After observing some fishing shops in Manama, I bought a set of fishing tackle, comprising a fishing rod, a fishing reel, a 300 yards fishing line, swivels, sinkers, a knife, and hooks.

I was very happy, can you imagine that. I swung the rod and threw the line. I still can feel the smell of coastal breeze, it was fresh.., it’s kind of dry and salty, hmmm feel likes yummy…

But I got nothing, maybe because the place and I had only a very short time, two days ago, on 1st Muharram (Thursday, 10 Jan 08), my offday. I walked quite far from my flat in Juffair. There are currently some reclamation projects, seems like hotel or apartment constructions, some unfinished huge buildings. I went there and search the best I could. But because the place is normally busy, fishes don’t want to stay around there.

I started at 4pm, when I arrived I saw a car and a couple was fishing as well. I greeted them had some short chats. Three hours later, I went home.

I planned to go on the following day, but because the rain, I cancel angling. I waited until afternoon, but the weather did not permit. Beside cold weather, Bahrain has recently rain. I like it but I wish it doesn’t happen during my fishing time.

Hmm, I will do it again. Next stop will be a place close to a bridge near to my hotel. Or… Mohammed will invite me to go with his boat. Wow, that’s would be great…!
I wish…

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