Sunday, April 20, 2008

Large Waiting Room

I have been waiting for the day.

"but it's too long, too hard for me."

"promise me we can make it!"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Work, work and work...

Hm.. been hectic with my job. Daily routines...

Work, work, and work... no time for even blog walking... howcome?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kubica, Yes...!

“It was not easy behind Kimi, I just push him when I can,” statement from my favourite F1 diver Robert Kubica following his result on the third place today’s race.

Kubica, F1’s first polish driver, snapped a Ferrari-Mc Laren monopoly on the top spot and boosted BMW Sauber’s 2008 title aspirations after claiming pole position for yesterday’s Bahrain Grand Prix. But eventually, Ferrari is the winner.

For the second time, Felipe Massa won the prestigious Bahrain grand prix. Last year race, he was in the pole. Today, the second place is Kimi Raikkonen, who was always blocking Kubica particularly during the last laps. As he said, it is too hard for Kubika to get even the second position.

To me, he was just not lucky because he had “not good start” at the beginning. “Yeah, I got good start and he (Kubica) got bad start,” said Massa to medias.

What’s happen to Hamilton? I saw him banged another driver. The last position I saw him was 14. Then, I didn’t see him anymore. In fact, he was in the second row at the starting grid. Too bad.

Anyway, I guess Kubica and his MBW team will host another party tonite. And everyone in this hotel will go crazy to serve them.

Kubica with his team (BMW Sauber) at one party before the race

my boss, GM Novotel with Kubica at our resort.

Fernando Alonso with my DoP Romano

Maya and Giancarlo Fisichella

Nick Heidfeld enjoys drink by the pool

front: Hassan of Bahrain, Nick of BMW, Safras of Sri Lanka
back: achute of Nepal, Roka of Morocco

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Due to the excellent results achieved on the first quarter of the current year, GM was pleased to entertain us.

We went to Jaradah island, a very small island here. Although it's windy, but we had fun. We enjoyed boat trip, bbq, games, kite boarding, swimming, sunbathing, etc.

Take look at pictures below. You'll like it.

kite boarding

Elvis prepares kite boarding; ready to launch.

somebody help me..!

all crew

GM, me and Elvis

ran bahadur and me

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

F1 Ad

I name this ad as a destination ad, because the exposure is internationally spread.
This is one of collaterals in Bahrain current destination campaign, kind of marketing effort to sell Bahrain tourism through sport. I also enjoyed watching the tv version, it’s amazing.

BIC (Bahrain International Circuit) is really proud of this ad, which I think is not that nice. Why do they show some landmarks at the background? Why do they show photographers? What identity do they want to show?

But I like the three young ladies. They are all pretty, even though not very Arabic. They are more to Mediterranean. With pictures of some beautiful female models, it will attract more attention. Compare with the other ad showing two Arabic looking men, to me it’s not eye catching. Why do they carry Bahrain flag? It’s like over nationalism rather then patriotism. What? Do they want to go for war?

The slogan, “Our Race” or “Sabaquna” (in Arabic) is very strong, I like it. The BIC tower with Bahrain flag is a good idea, I like also putting the stage, showing spectators make it more lively.

A friend told me, this ad is another kind of woman exploitation. I asked why? He said, because there was no even a single female driver to compete in the race. I replied there were lots of beautiful-sexy sunbrella girls during the race.

He whispered, “You know, all men are basically like to exploit opposite sex, that’s why I like this ad…”

What the Fu*%@!..!!!