Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pedestrians and handicap users, Poor you..!

This posting is about how poor Jakarta government in constructing and maintaining pedestrians in the city. When you are walking down the streets, mostly all around Jakarta’s streets, I am sure you are not feeling comfortable. Why?

Beside the air pollution, garbage and dust, most pedestrians cannot enjoy walking on the “Trotoar” (pedestrian path or pedestrian way) because the condition of the pedestrian way itself. Most of the streets in Jakarta have no proper trotoar, even some streets don’t have at all.

If you notice, the Jakarta’s pedestrian ways are very narrow, lack of signage or public information, lack of dust bin, not well maintained, dirty, damaged, very narrow, blocked with trees or electricity poles or telegraph poles or statues or even flocked by “Pedagang Kaki Lima” (street vendors).

Whenever I walk on a pedestrian way, I feel like I am not treated as a human being, because a motorbike could crush me anytime or a fancy car which is speeding right on my side could splash me with some dirty-liquid waste. Or, I could suddenly fall down and trapped into a big drainage because I stepped a fragile path of the pedestrian.

Other than those troubles, our pedestrian ways are not flat. Imagine if I were a handicap user. I’ll cry like a hell...!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fuck the Traffic..!

Tonight, I watched the MetroTV’s evening Headline News titled “Kemacetan Jakarta Menggila” (Traffic Jam in Jakarta worsens). This morning, my friend Barok told me, Jakarta is a city of millions of motorbikes.

It’s true. Traffics on the roads are nowadays getting crazier and worse. My wife told me that since the activation of Transjakarta bus along cawang-grogol route last week, the traffic round her office in Jalan Gatot Subroto, Kuningan is becoming out of control. It’s really insane, it took 3 hours to reach her office, although she already took “Jalan Tol” (paid highway).

Whenever I discuss anything to do with traffic, I always tell her that this country has failed to manage the traffic. It’s completely a big fail. The government has no ability to control and manage the transportation system.

I also don’t understand; why the government and all the elite politicians couldn’t do anything to solve this issue? I believe most of them are rich people and I am sure they have traveled or visited a developed country like USA, UK, or Germany, or at least they visited Singapore when they did shopping. Why they didn’t just learn success stories from those countries that have good public transportation system.

I extremely can say, why they didn’t just copy-paste the transportation system of Singapore. It’s easy! Just invite their experts and teach our people here and start applying the system!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kill Gayus!

Gayus, gayus and gayus….! That’s the news I’ve read in the newspaper almost everyday for the last 3 months, that’s the topic most of tv’s have been talking about.

Why the governments don’t just shoot his head, kill him and finish the story!

I don’t understand why the police, the public prosecutor and the judge couldn’t do anything on him?

If I were the president of this country, I just simple push the head of the police to execute Gayus just like the way of Densus 88 (special force to eradicate terrorissm) executed suspects of terrorists. If they were not able to do it, then I just fire them and change with ones that can finish this simple job!

Our police is proven to be expert in dealing with terrorists. They caught almost all people of major terrorism cases like Bali bombing and JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton bombing. Our prosecutors and judges were also very tough and strict to the bombers. They successfully executed them.

But, what’s wrong with Gayus and other corruption suspects? It seems very difficult to deal with those corruptors?

My conclusion is that; Indonesia and its government are good at eradicating terrorism but they are so weak when coping with corruption cases. Why? Because they are severely corrupted. 

So, just simply kill Gayus and his gank!