Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pedestrians and handicap users, Poor you..!

This posting is about how poor Jakarta government in constructing and maintaining pedestrians in the city. When you are walking down the streets, mostly all around Jakarta’s streets, I am sure you are not feeling comfortable. Why?

Beside the air pollution, garbage and dust, most pedestrians cannot enjoy walking on the “Trotoar” (pedestrian path or pedestrian way) because the condition of the pedestrian way itself. Most of the streets in Jakarta have no proper trotoar, even some streets don’t have at all.

If you notice, the Jakarta’s pedestrian ways are very narrow, lack of signage or public information, lack of dust bin, not well maintained, dirty, damaged, very narrow, blocked with trees or electricity poles or telegraph poles or statues or even flocked by “Pedagang Kaki Lima” (street vendors).

Whenever I walk on a pedestrian way, I feel like I am not treated as a human being, because a motorbike could crush me anytime or a fancy car which is speeding right on my side could splash me with some dirty-liquid waste. Or, I could suddenly fall down and trapped into a big drainage because I stepped a fragile path of the pedestrian.

Other than those troubles, our pedestrian ways are not flat. Imagine if I were a handicap user. I’ll cry like a hell...!

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