Thursday, February 28, 2008

100% Cinnamon

Do you like surfing internet but remain enjoying relax atmosphere at a café? Cinnabon in Juffair area could be the right place for you to spend the whole night with free WiFi connection, complemented with music, coffee or tea and of course the Cinnamon itself.

The café is not large, but spaciously enough to accommodate around 30 persons. There are some sofa seats for 10 and the rest are wooden chair. The mood is completely cinnamon themed atmosphere, where the floor, tiles, counter, seats and decors are dominated with cinnamon tone colors, kind of chocolate, cream, light chocolate.

The ceiling is high, perhaps 7 to 8 meters with some glass walls overlooking the Juffair road. Guests can enjoy the music from a flat lcd hanged on one of the corners, I think it’s too loud, the songs played are mostly hiphop or reggae, but it’s ok, I like it.

What make me stay the whole night is the internet connection, it’s high speed and free. Not like Starbuck or Costa coffee which gives you limited internet connection, at Cinnabon you don’t need to login and submit password, just open your IE and start surfing whatever you want. The same at Coffee bean in Al Jazeera Supermarket Juffair, but you can not expect 24 hours.

The drinks are ok. There are some choices of hot and cold drinks, like espresso, coffee latte, Javanilla shake, Java Kulla Caramel, and some juices.

The food? Don’t expect a lot, you will find only a range of burgers and sandwiches and of course vast selection of Cinnamon cake and bake. I like them all, at most, I like the one with chocolate on top, not too sweet but tasty. It’s delicious and the taste of cinnamon is very strong. Once you enter through the door, you will be welcomed with the cinnamon aroma.

One think I don’t like is, when you come around 10pm to 12 midnite, particularly on weekend, guarantee there will be no seat. So far, I went there several times and my friend, Risky who begged me to stay hours, kind of crazy…

With another friend, Gamby, we’re chatting, surfing, sharing stories, joking…

hm… I smell aroma of cinnamon…


I am addicted, she said.

Thanks god, you made me meet him, a god man, a man who wants to make me happy, a man who wants me to accompany him for the rest of his life, a man who loves me...

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Do you sleep a lot? How many hours? Is that your hobby?

I slept a lot, last Friday, very deep sleep. It’s never happened like this. I am used to sleeping less, only 4 or 5 hours. But the last few days, I went to bed at 10pm or even 9pm. As the result, I woke up early morning, around 3am, and I couldn’t close my eyes fro about an hour. I dreamed many things, but I forget what I saw. You know, you might experience witnessing a series of clips in your dream, but when you wake up, you have forgotten.

Why did I sleep a lot? Because I could not go fishing, the weather is horrible, I don’t have any single new dvd to watch, I eat lot, I read some books and magazines and I felt lazy…

When you sleep too much, you will wake up lazy. You feel tired, your brain does not work, your body just like wreaked, and all what you want is only sleeping.

What is sleep? Why should we sleep? For what? Kind of wasting time…! But if you don’t sleep, how can you work in the following days? Wanna be a zombie?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dining with Uplifting Entertainments

Where does one go for quality Moroccan dining, where one can indulge in a beautiful and indigenous atmosphere, savour delicious authentic dishes, and have decent traditional live entertainment?

Al Yacout at the Novotel Al Dana Resort offer exotic pleasures of fragrant and tasty Moroccan food, concocted by native specialized chefs, served in such exemplary Moroccan ways.

“Al Yacout is inspired by Moroccan culture in every sense of the word, from interior designs to what it offers to its visitors, combined with original concept. It will serve as the Bahraini gateway to Morocco,” Said Novotel Al Dana Resort General Manager Khalid Anib.

Additionally, Al Yacout has a spectacular theatrical dining venue with a seductive live entertainment programme which include a Moroccan band, a Belly Dancer and Gnawa musicians brought directly from the mystical Marrakech, capital of South Morocco, to ensure a truly uplifting experience.

Diners at Al Yacout will be fascinated by the interior and décor that represent the modernized Kasbah. Once you go through its wooden door, you will be transported to the genuine life of Moroccan Palace nobility.

The menu is the creative anthology by specialized native chefs, brought directly from Marrakech and Rabat, a reason to guarantee you the experience of the true of Morocco.

This fine dining venue will take guests to the land of mystery and delicious Moroccan delights. The team at Al Yacout has a great passion for food and you can expect the best dishes from these parts of the world all cooked using finest and freshest ingredients to achieve authenticity. The restaurant opens for dinner, from Sunday to Friday, from 8pm to 2am.

Duo Gnawa Musicians, from Morocco

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dream about Fishing

I dreamed about going fishing, last night. I don’t know, maybe because I really want to go fishing, but since the last few weeks, the weather did not permit. One Friday too cold, another day was windy, last week was busy with something and yesterday just dusty.

It happens when I love to do something but I didn’t, yet. I really want to go fishing, I mean angling somewhere on the beach, just like what I saw at youtube and some tv channels recently. I am going to prepare my fishing tackle. I run out of rules and hook, I also need more aluminium sink, swivel and other angling stuffs.

It must be exciting..! I wish, tomorrow will be fine, clear and sunny. I had better go to Geant to get prepared. Yalla..!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dust Storm

Today is hazy, enormously. Every time I go out, I must cover my nose, my eyes. The weather is horrible. Kind of sneezing me.

Not like last Friday, the storm is stronger today. The wind blew harder. Dust everywhere, every single corner of my hotel. I still could see, but maximum 2 km away. Beyond that distance, you would see nothing but hazy.

I just feel pity to housekeeping department who responsible of the cleanliness of mostly all the area of the hotel. You can imagine, this property is not hotel style, it’s a landscaped resort, which is more open, opened space, open corridor, spacious.

Dry leaves, paper and some plastic flew around, twisted and blown by the dusty gusty wind. I saw a housekeeping attendant for public area (pa) was trying to wipe off one the roads, but seem he failed. Every time he sweep up the dust, the wind blows harder and splash everything he already collected.

God, it’s hard time for them. I believe tomorrow also will be not easy for sport and leisure department, because they have to maintain the pool clean. I saw refined dust covered the entire surface of the pool, then some of the rough dust sank down.

Some staff wore masker, to protect their respiration. I myself, didn’t want to breathe when I was outside, but I don’t have a masker. I know I should use it, perhaps tomorrow I wil take the ones remained from hac, I think I have some.

Tomorrow is Thursday, weekend, and I hope the following day will be clear, because I don’t want to call off my fishing plan.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Comments on

My boss showed me some positive comments on our hotel (i mean the hotel where we work for). It is on, one of predominent online travel agencies, of course, in the world. Our hotel is currently rated the 3rd among 52 hotels and resorts, it's great, man...!

I read all the comments posted, it's kind of reading a blog, real, true experience and frankly. Only one post is little bit negative, but most of them are happy with our service. They also like the location, the mood, the facilities and the food. They claimed we are all friendly and helpful. Hmm... make me pretty glad.

Here is one of the comments, posted by a traveller from Kuwait City. This is absolutely not PR campaign, nor advertorial, it's not such a kind off bullshit editorial, it's trully honest comment or suggestion from the guest who had a wonderful experience at the resort.

just check it out...

"Just returned from Bahrain last night. I stayed in this hotel after searching many sites for resorts in Bahrain. I choosed Novotel Al-Dana after reading the positive reviews about it. As soon as we arrived to this hotel we knew we'll enjoy our stay.

The staff were very friendly as all Bahraini people. We were given a nice room ( No. 2309) which was spacious with a balacony overlooking the beautiful and large swimming pool at one side and from the other side you can see the Arabian Gulf.

I booked this room from Expedia and they didn't mention that the breakfast is included but when we checked in they told us that the breakfadt is included and will be served daily from 6:30 am until 10:30 am. Don't miss the breakfast as it is so delicious. Try the specially made waffles. The lunch buffet was also nice ( about $18 for an adult and $10 for a kid).

The hotel beach is nice and very clean and you can rent boats and jet skis. There is a kids area full of games beside the swimming pool.

They also have a spa where you can relax and have massage but don't pay before you are 100% sure you'll do it because you'll not get your money back.

The gym is nice too. The hotel is not in the city center ( 10 minutes driving) but if you are looking for a place where you can relax then visit this hotel."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bankers on my Lens

The big boss of Central Bank of Bahrain, yesterday (17 Feb 2008) visited my hotel. He is the Deputy Governor, Dr. Anwar Khalifa Al Sadah. He officially opened and addressed a welcoming speech on the Seminar and Dialogue on “Italo-Arab Finance and Banking,” at Murjan room, Novotel Al Dana Resort, Bahrain.

The seminar initiates a direct dialogue between the banking sectors in Italy and the Arab Gulf Region. It expands in particular issues of concern to gulf and Italian bankers on general cooperation, mainly investment banking and financial development, thus focusing on progress and challenges facing both banking sector.

The 2 (two) days seminar purposes to strengthen the banking, economical and social ties between Italy and the Arab/Gulf region as well as to enhance cooperation in the field of investment and finance.

I guess more then 50 bank practitioners from both countries attended the seminar. Some important persons also came, such as Chairman Union of Arab Banks Mr. Adnan Ahmed Yousif, General Manager Italian Banking Association and Chairman of the Executive Committee of European Banking Federation, Mr. Giuseppe Zadra, CEO Arcapita Bank BSC- Bahrain, Mr. Atif Abdul Malik, CEO Islamic International Rating Agency, Mr. Jamal Abbas Zaidi, and Economic and International Banking expert, UAB advisor in Europe, Mr. Hatem Abou Said who in charge as the Program Moderator.

The seminar run till today and is continued with a gala dinner, tonite (18 February 2008) at Al Yacout Moroccan Restaurant. I captured them with my Nikon D50, all of them on my 55mm lens.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday Party

NOVOTEL Al Dana Resort has announced three Associates of the Month during its Monthly Associate Birthday Party, hosted recently at the resort’s staff lounge. Hamayun Kabir (Stewarding Dept), Ahmed Khalil (FO Dept) and Suresh Badolla (House Keeping Department) have been named as associated of the Month for January 2007 and received certificate and gift presented by General Manager Khalid Anib. More than 150 staff attended the party where the management congratulated January born employee as well as to welcome several new associates.
GM Khalid Anib presents certificate Associate of the Month

Novotel Associates get together

GM Khalid Anib, Sales Manager Rachid Kadia, FInance & Adminstration Manager Ali Hussein

Director of Operations Salvatore Romano & Hamza

Saed Ramdan & Ahmed

Noorden, MOhamed, Zakaria, Roka

Fadi & Chef Kadr

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dusty Friday

Dust everywhere, every corner of streets, filling the air. When I went home from Jumat pray, i still could see Muharraq town, but it's pretty blur view. Then at the afternoon, it's getting worse, the dust covered the entire city.

I smell the dust, like fresh dust (he.. instead of fresh air), kind of weird. But i had to go, There were something to do. I had to go to my tailor, buy some stuffs, buy fish food...

Hm... dust, dust, dust...

dust in the wind...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Owner Visits Us

Mr. Abdul Aziz Jassim Kanoo, Chairman of Al Jazeera Tourism Company (owning company of Novotel Al Dana Resort), pictured together with management and employee of the resort during his visit, in which he congratulated on the recently renovated lobby and extended his gratitude to the management for the successful achievement in 2007.
الوجيه عبد العزيز جاسم كانو رئيس مجلس إدارة شركة الجزيرة للسياحة المالكه لمنتجع نوفوتيل دانه البحرين فى صورة مع مدراء المنتجع وبعض من موظفيه خلال زيارته التفقدية للمنتجع والتى من خلالها قدم التهانى بمناسبة توسعة صالة الاستقبال لمواكبة التطورات السريعه والكبيرة التي حصلت فى خدمات ونشاطات المنتجع واشاد بمجهودات الإدارة على النتائج الناجحة التى حققتها فى عام
From left, Director of Sales Mohsen Ebrahim, Finance & Administration manager Ali Hussain, Chief engineer Fernando, Director of Operations Salvatore Romano, Executive Chef Azzam Semaan, Owner Abdul Aziz Jassim Kanoo, F&b Coordinator Thess COrral, General manager Khalid Anib, Reservation coordinator Cornellea, Sales Manager Rachid Kadia, Receptionist Suka, Reservation Manager Yasa D'Silva, and Executive Secretary Myra.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What is Valentine?

Guys.., forget valentine!
Girls..., Dont be spoilt..
Does anyone know what exactly the meaning of this day? and how a man can understand it?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fitness by the Beach

One afternooon, a Thursday afternoon in late January 2008. We did photo session. This was for fitness features for Ohlala Magazine. We proposed Novotel beach as the setting. Editor in Chief Edward smith brought a senior fitness instructor, her name is Myrna. She is originally Lebanese who spent years in Canada, speaks fluently Arabic, French and of course English, pretty imposing.

When the photographer and the editor came late, she complained. While we were waiting for the photographer, she tried explaining me the importance of BEING ON TIME.

Well, I hope they got nice pictures, as i saw from the Nikon 80 LSD, I think it's gonna be excellent. I request to the photogrpher not to shoot the pillars of La Perle Restaurant, because it is seemed ugly during low tide.

See... we eventually play the ball, a huge ball...

I dont know, what was she doing...

from left, Edward Smith, Editor in Chief Ohlala Mmagazine with the photographer, Myrna, fitness & Aerobic intstructor, Eric and Mohamed, my colleagues, both from Sports & Lesiure department.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Internet on Vacation

I had problem with internet connection, both at my flat and office. It was about a week ago (I don’t remember the date), all emails in our office were stuck. The following day, I read GND and Bahrain Tribute, reporting there was mass internet disruption all over Middle East. It is said, some underground cables in Mediterranean Sea were damaged. Those cables, link Middle East to Europe. Some medias reported the problem was also problem with cables in Egypt. I don’t know, which one is correct. You know, sometimes, media is too absurd.

In fact, this trouble made my internet connection very slow within this week. Notice from our HR Dept, we would be having this problem for the next 10 days. Can you imagine that? But last night, I had a pretty speedy connection in Cinnabon when I had a tea with Rizky.

Today, the connection remains very slow, even though we are able to send email. We should realize how important internet is. Our life is so reliant on technology, particularly IT. And eventually after waiting several days, I am happy to post this.

Perhaps, post modernism believers would say, internet needs to take rest for a while, some even say… it wants to take vacation… whatever…! I want internet back and speedy.