Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dining with Uplifting Entertainments

Where does one go for quality Moroccan dining, where one can indulge in a beautiful and indigenous atmosphere, savour delicious authentic dishes, and have decent traditional live entertainment?

Al Yacout at the Novotel Al Dana Resort offer exotic pleasures of fragrant and tasty Moroccan food, concocted by native specialized chefs, served in such exemplary Moroccan ways.

“Al Yacout is inspired by Moroccan culture in every sense of the word, from interior designs to what it offers to its visitors, combined with original concept. It will serve as the Bahraini gateway to Morocco,” Said Novotel Al Dana Resort General Manager Khalid Anib.

Additionally, Al Yacout has a spectacular theatrical dining venue with a seductive live entertainment programme which include a Moroccan band, a Belly Dancer and Gnawa musicians brought directly from the mystical Marrakech, capital of South Morocco, to ensure a truly uplifting experience.

Diners at Al Yacout will be fascinated by the interior and d├ęcor that represent the modernized Kasbah. Once you go through its wooden door, you will be transported to the genuine life of Moroccan Palace nobility.

The menu is the creative anthology by specialized native chefs, brought directly from Marrakech and Rabat, a reason to guarantee you the experience of the true of Morocco.

This fine dining venue will take guests to the land of mystery and delicious Moroccan delights. The team at Al Yacout has a great passion for food and you can expect the best dishes from these parts of the world all cooked using finest and freshest ingredients to achieve authenticity. The restaurant opens for dinner, from Sunday to Friday, from 8pm to 2am.

Duo Gnawa Musicians, from Morocco

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