Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dust Storm

Today is hazy, enormously. Every time I go out, I must cover my nose, my eyes. The weather is horrible. Kind of sneezing me.

Not like last Friday, the storm is stronger today. The wind blew harder. Dust everywhere, every single corner of my hotel. I still could see, but maximum 2 km away. Beyond that distance, you would see nothing but hazy.

I just feel pity to housekeeping department who responsible of the cleanliness of mostly all the area of the hotel. You can imagine, this property is not hotel style, it’s a landscaped resort, which is more open, opened space, open corridor, spacious.

Dry leaves, paper and some plastic flew around, twisted and blown by the dusty gusty wind. I saw a housekeeping attendant for public area (pa) was trying to wipe off one the roads, but seem he failed. Every time he sweep up the dust, the wind blows harder and splash everything he already collected.

God, it’s hard time for them. I believe tomorrow also will be not easy for sport and leisure department, because they have to maintain the pool clean. I saw refined dust covered the entire surface of the pool, then some of the rough dust sank down.

Some staff wore masker, to protect their respiration. I myself, didn’t want to breathe when I was outside, but I don’t have a masker. I know I should use it, perhaps tomorrow I wil take the ones remained from hac, I think I have some.

Tomorrow is Thursday, weekend, and I hope the following day will be clear, because I don’t want to call off my fishing plan.