Thursday, February 28, 2008

100% Cinnamon

Do you like surfing internet but remain enjoying relax atmosphere at a café? Cinnabon in Juffair area could be the right place for you to spend the whole night with free WiFi connection, complemented with music, coffee or tea and of course the Cinnamon itself.

The café is not large, but spaciously enough to accommodate around 30 persons. There are some sofa seats for 10 and the rest are wooden chair. The mood is completely cinnamon themed atmosphere, where the floor, tiles, counter, seats and decors are dominated with cinnamon tone colors, kind of chocolate, cream, light chocolate.

The ceiling is high, perhaps 7 to 8 meters with some glass walls overlooking the Juffair road. Guests can enjoy the music from a flat lcd hanged on one of the corners, I think it’s too loud, the songs played are mostly hiphop or reggae, but it’s ok, I like it.

What make me stay the whole night is the internet connection, it’s high speed and free. Not like Starbuck or Costa coffee which gives you limited internet connection, at Cinnabon you don’t need to login and submit password, just open your IE and start surfing whatever you want. The same at Coffee bean in Al Jazeera Supermarket Juffair, but you can not expect 24 hours.

The drinks are ok. There are some choices of hot and cold drinks, like espresso, coffee latte, Javanilla shake, Java Kulla Caramel, and some juices.

The food? Don’t expect a lot, you will find only a range of burgers and sandwiches and of course vast selection of Cinnamon cake and bake. I like them all, at most, I like the one with chocolate on top, not too sweet but tasty. It’s delicious and the taste of cinnamon is very strong. Once you enter through the door, you will be welcomed with the cinnamon aroma.

One think I don’t like is, when you come around 10pm to 12 midnite, particularly on weekend, guarantee there will be no seat. So far, I went there several times and my friend, Risky who begged me to stay hours, kind of crazy…

With another friend, Gamby, we’re chatting, surfing, sharing stories, joking…

hm… I smell aroma of cinnamon…


Urang Awak said...

well, I have been passing the place many time and been informed by some friends that the facts are killing me true!

Salaam Iqbal! jadi di Bahrain juga ya? What a small world, is n't it?
Lets get in touch here is my number 39169501

btw itu Gambi temennya ap Gambi yag gw kenal gak ya? Glasses, tall and friendly?

trancepass said...

@urang awak,
thanks for your visit.
you're rite. He is Gamby, tall and friendly with glasses.

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