Sunday, February 24, 2008


Do you sleep a lot? How many hours? Is that your hobby?

I slept a lot, last Friday, very deep sleep. It’s never happened like this. I am used to sleeping less, only 4 or 5 hours. But the last few days, I went to bed at 10pm or even 9pm. As the result, I woke up early morning, around 3am, and I couldn’t close my eyes fro about an hour. I dreamed many things, but I forget what I saw. You know, you might experience witnessing a series of clips in your dream, but when you wake up, you have forgotten.

Why did I sleep a lot? Because I could not go fishing, the weather is horrible, I don’t have any single new dvd to watch, I eat lot, I read some books and magazines and I felt lazy…

When you sleep too much, you will wake up lazy. You feel tired, your brain does not work, your body just like wreaked, and all what you want is only sleeping.

What is sleep? Why should we sleep? For what? Kind of wasting time…! But if you don’t sleep, how can you work in the following days? Wanna be a zombie?