Friday, December 19, 2008

Bellboy (not Hellboy)

I became a bellboy one day two weeks ago. The actual bellboy was busy with other guests and there was only one receptionist at the front desk. Onena (pronounced wanna), the receptionist, called me that she needed somebody from sales department to “assist” guest with their luggages.

She looked very busy, and decided to rush to our office. “Mo, can you please assist our guests at the lobby?”

“Are they long term or transient?” I asked detail.

“No, they are check-in,” Onena replied.


“You know, I am the only one here and I am checking-in other guests and William is with other guests, upstairs. I already check-in the guests in the system and they are waiting for somebody to carry the luggage” she explained quickly.

“If I am free, I will do it. Please, Mo…” she asked.
“Wow, you mean you want me to be a bellboy?”

“Please..,” she was bagging

Only need one second, then I decided to rush to the lobby. I saw people moving around, there was only Onena standing behind reception desk, busy with Opera and there was a group of Saudis flocked right her eyes.

“Onena, where is the guests,” I asked.

“Please, this way,” she pointed me to a family who was sitting down at one of the sofas at the lobby.

They are Saudis, I guess. They are family, a parent with two kids. The father gave me his car key and told me to take the luggages from his car. I went out and trying to press the key. After couple times of pressing the unlock button and pointing it to some cars, I found a vey fancy car blinked its light. Sound like zeed…zeed, very quick.

Wow, a fancy car…
I did not realize that the father was following me until he showed me how to open the trunk when I experience difficulty to open that big ranger car. It is a really big, I guess it’s hammer or something like that.

I pull the bag, and lift it and carry to the lobby. Onena told me the room was 1073. Or 1-07-3 means... tower 1, floor 7, apartment number 3.

I brought them to the tower one and going inside to the elevator. They didn’t talk much, until I started greeting and talking with them, the kids were so cute. They were quite impressed with my spoken Arabic. You know, my English is not good and my Arabic is terrible, what a perfect combination, hahaha….

Then we reached the 7th floor. I pleased and directed them to the apartment, opened the door and left the luggages at the living area. And as usual, as a sales person I automatically explained the facilities, blah… blah… blah… I did not realized that I was a bellboy at that time, until we had a handshake and I found 5 Saudi Riyals at my palm.

I was so surprised… wow, he tips me..!

I suddenly remembered on our spirit to sales basic no 1 “Even the GM has to pick up the phone” then I told myself…. Alright, I have also spirit to serve of mine… “Even a salesperson has to be a bellboy…” At your service...!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Made in Indo

One friend told me there is a new mall open recently in Manama. It is City Centre. Located around seef area, Manama, Bahrain. It is said by far the biggest shopping mall in Bahrain.

I was excited to visit the mall, until one day during my three eid days off, I grabbed Teruna and Sebastian to go to the mall. It is really big for Bahrain. Much bigger compare with Seef Mall and other department stores, here in tiny Bahrain.

We visited some outlets, mainly electronic stores, like virgin and charaf. You know, all of us like to update with new gadgets… Teruna and Sebastian were so excited with then new release blackberry and Ipod touch. I just stayed cool, not to show that I also really wanted to have that gadgets…, but I we didn’t buy. Just look around..

Then we drop by Nike and North Face. Teruna was the first to be exuberant. “Wow, North face is here,” he shouted.

“I don’t believe, this must be abal-abal,” replied Sebastian. He didn’t trust this brand is original.

“Of course it is original. Look at the price, can you afford it,” Teruna yelled at him.

“Ok, I will buy one, this jacket. Yeah, this is cool man,” Bastian grabbed one North Face jacket and showed to us.

I said, “Cool down, man. Don’t scream, check the price tag. It is BD 200”

I don’t care the price, next month I will buy it, once I got my salary, heheha..” Bastian laughed.

But one second later, his face changed. Something wrong, I thought…

He was still starring at the price tag.

“See, this is an expensive brand, man…,” Teruna tried to advise him.

“No, it is not about the price… It is made in Indonesia..!” Bastian showed the text at the bottom of one of the tags.

Wow, we are so surprised… North Face made in Indonesia? I couldn’t believe it until I took some other clothes. I looked at also a bag. Yes, it is true, made in Indonesia.

“Then I won’t buy,” Sebastian said. “Me too,” Teruna agreed.

I said, why?
Cause we buy it to send home to Indonesia.

Yeah, you’re rite..!

Finally we left the outlet. We decided no to buy the brand, not because we are not proud of our product but, it seems funny to send home something that we actually have it in our country.

This experience re-occurred when we visited Nike and some shoe shops. Beside Thailand and China, most of Nike products are Made in Indonesia. You dont believe it? Just visit City Centre Manama.