Sunday, February 3, 2008

Internet on Vacation

I had problem with internet connection, both at my flat and office. It was about a week ago (I don’t remember the date), all emails in our office were stuck. The following day, I read GND and Bahrain Tribute, reporting there was mass internet disruption all over Middle East. It is said, some underground cables in Mediterranean Sea were damaged. Those cables, link Middle East to Europe. Some medias reported the problem was also problem with cables in Egypt. I don’t know, which one is correct. You know, sometimes, media is too absurd.

In fact, this trouble made my internet connection very slow within this week. Notice from our HR Dept, we would be having this problem for the next 10 days. Can you imagine that? But last night, I had a pretty speedy connection in Cinnabon when I had a tea with Rizky.

Today, the connection remains very slow, even though we are able to send email. We should realize how important internet is. Our life is so reliant on technology, particularly IT. And eventually after waiting several days, I am happy to post this.

Perhaps, post modernism believers would say, internet needs to take rest for a while, some even say… it wants to take vacation… whatever…! I want internet back and speedy.