Monday, January 21, 2008

Everyone left, but....

Almost half of Indonesian hotelier left Novotel Al Dana Resort. Some of them finished the contract, others resigned. and here are the ones who remain cool, working at the resort.

Suka and Agung, both are Balinese. Suka is a receptionist and Agung is F&B Attendant at La Perle Restaurant.

Rio, me and Rizky. Rio is a senior F&B Captain and Rizky is F&B attendant.

Marcia, originally from Jakarta but had been living in Bali for pretty long time. She is currently a sales coordinator.


Ratna (left), F&B Captain at La Bellevue Lounge Bar, Novotel. Utie (second from left), Rosa (third from left). Utie and Rosa are no longer working for Novotel Bahrain.