Tuesday, August 12, 2008

War to Corruption!

I am very happy today to read one of the GDN’s (Gulf Daily News) headlines: “Bahrain wages corruption war”.

It is stated that Bahrain will carry out a study on level of corruption in the government, private sector and among political groups. It is the first time of its kind in the Kingdom. I just like it..! What do you call that, a transparent report?

Yes, and I agree that the report is vital to expose corruption and its publication will boost the confidence of foreign investors.

And what I am proud of this matter is that Bahrain does it without involvement of any foreign institution..!


hanggadamai said...

bagus deh klo gitu

tuteh said...

di Indonesia...emang bisa? :D hehehe

trancepass said...

Yup, negeri kita perlu mencontohnya.

Harusnya bisa sih. Tapi memeang susah untuk memulai.

Shaik said...

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dani said...

apa ada bedanya karakter org bahrain ama org indo dlm menangani korupsi..