Wednesday, May 7, 2008


After telephone conversation, people here will be surprised when they meet me at the first time.

my name is mohammad iqbal which is pakistani name or arabic name, whether my face is like philippino. My dialect? of course indonesian english. my arabic pronounciation is just terrible.

mostly they ask, "where are you from?"
No, guess again.!
"hmm.., you speak different from most philippinos," he gave up.
because i am Indonesian.
"i see"

another case...
"who is incharge for marketing?" receptionist will tell the guest my name. the guest thinks i am bahraini. when the guest meet me they think i am philippino. When I start speaking, they just wonder.


devari said...

hahaha, everyday must be always a wonderful day in your work place. your story is so funny. I am imagining your story and laughing by myself

izzy said...

Mas Iqbal, what an interesting blog!

It is so surprising that you are in Bahrain now.

izzy said...

Mas Iqbal, do you still remember MMPW aka Majalah Mahasiswa Pesona Wisata ? I'm one of the team, class of '99.

trancepass said...


the same with yours, your stories about Bali are greats. keep on writing.

@izzy or dizzy...
gimme some more clues,
what was your position? where're you from?

yella said...

thanks, u have visited my blog,,,

komang said...

he...seneng lihat alumni sukses. ga kenal pasti mas saya. generasi akademika 2003, tapi ga mampu bikin apa-apa. salam kenal

trancepass said...

you're most welcome

Komang sira nih? ane ulin nusa dua apa ane di D4? Ngelah blog, Mang?

nrl said...

nyahahha... you really make people confuse..

nrl said...

btw, thanks for your comment on my nervous post..
hihihi.. makasi loh, dibilang lucu.

Jay Ekaputra said...

You were so lucky that they still think somewhere south asian nation when they saw your face.
The ridiculous thing were happening to me, they thought I was from Japan or Korea...! Whaddup! Is there any black Japanese or Korean? Holly smoke!!

prestylarasati said...

ha ha ha
so funny story!

well, i remember, when i had japannese class, they can't said my name in correct..

prsty larasati = peresati rarasati

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