Friday, June 6, 2008

Let me Get Back

It has been long time, i guess i dont update this blog. I dont share many things i witnessed. I feel like lazy to upload any news, although there are lots of happings i wish to write.

There are atleast three major things happened to me. I recently got promotion, to be a PR Manager. Then also I lost my notebook, which means i lost all my files, my important documents. God, please tell him/her to return all data in drive D. He can take the rest. hehehe... impossible thing.!

I attended BITE (Bahrain International Travel Expo), together with Marcia, my friend at sales and marketing dept. I wish i can write a feature on it. I like to share how Bahrain, Malaysia and Dubai working together to boost tourism and investment in their country.

yup, lets see later...


devari said...

agh there u are..been a while

losing laptop? ow. it hurts. how come Mas? it is not something you put into your pocket right? heheheh

kok bisa?

trancepass said...

crime is every where, apparently.
I had a meeting with GM, from 10.58 am to 11.40am. Unfortunately, i did not lock my office. That's my fault, huhuhuh...
big regret.

Perhaps, the God warns me and forces me to have a Macbook Pro, he...

anyway, good to hear from u.

tuteh said...

congrats yaaa :)
but, kehilangan laptop... ugh! gimana gituw... gag mongken bisa kembali hehehe... pasrahlah... buang sial itu istilah orang Ende hehehe...

mahendra said...

Laptopnya dibawain hp, biar kalo ilang bisa d miskol.. :)

anton said...

hah, jd PR manager. waaah, selamat mas. tinggal nunggu undanganmu nih. biar aku bs liputan ke bahrain. :D

semoga laptopmu segera balik. pake dukun aja. :D

trancepass said...

Thanks for the comment. maunya sih pake GPS yang bisa dilacak pake satelit kali ya. apa da laptop semacam itu?

pinfinnya ngundang bli anton kesini, tapi kok tiketnya jauh banget ya, he.. pingin juga pake dukun, tapi aku harus kontak sama dukun di banyuwangi yang uah biasa ngeblog, biar ngirit ongkos komunikasi, he..

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