Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer FUNtastic a la Novotel

Summer is heating the Kingdom, and Novotel Al Dana Resort is celebrating the season. The resort which recently gained a gold trophy in the Best Leisure Hotel category of MENA Travel Awards 2008, is offering one stop leisure activity, making sure every guest experience memorable summer holiday.

Either you spend your nights or just visiting the resort for weekend excursion, Novotel’s summer experience begins from its uniquely resort atmosphere and warm greetings from the attentive staff. The resort’s spacious Arabian style rooms are the comfy mansion to hide away from hectic routines, while other facilities are set to make your holiday dreams come true.

Chill out the heat at the resort’s large swimming pool and let the friendly staff serve you with varied selections of drinks and snacks. While you are laying down under the shaded blooms of brightly coloured garden, your partners are enjoying sumptuous brunch by the pool. A barbecue station is prepared every weekend to complement wide range of scrumptiously International, Arabic and Seafood menu. All are freshly cooked to meet your enjoyment.

For fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals, Al Dana Sport & Leisure Centre presents one of the most advanced and well-equipped gyms in town. You have many choices to fill up the summer holiday with activities at the fitness studio, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and even massage therapy. If you are family traveller, our indoor and outdoor kids club will exhilarate your children’s exuberant.

If you like sunbathing, you could get a perfect tan by relaxing at the resort’s private beach. And there the action starts, where you splash the brine and slither down the sand, punctuated by laughter and screams of excitement. Then challenge your partners to ride jet ski, banana boat, kayak and other adventurous water sports. It’s truly FUNtastic.


proletarman said...

I think the cost is really fantastic too :p

Menik said...

owh.. beach...

how i wish to be there :(

nie said...

wah... kalo aku kesana, dapet diskon ga ya? heheheh

realylife said...

wah ... its nice , i hope Indonesia will be like that , now trying to built up the tourism in my village Medan and North Sumatera
please visit us , and sharing with us

anton said...

waah, koyoe kok enak tenan berlibur ning bahrain. cuma larang e. :((

trancepass said...

The cost iis fine. It is Novotel not Sofitel or Pullman.

I also wish I could be in Bali rite now.

Buat nie apa sih yang enggak... (halah...)

Medan and Sumatra could be oen of the best tourist destinations in the world if our government manages tourism properly.

Lrang thithik gak popo Ton, sing penting bareng Bunda and Bani, hehe...