Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feel the F1 Spirit

The world-class motorsports event that has everyone on the edge of their seats is fast
approaching, with the Formula One fever spreading across the kingdom.

The Novotel Al Dana Resort welcomes all participants, and is proud to announce that once again it is to be one of the official hotels for F1 teams such as Renault F1 and BMW Sauber.

Formula One racing is all about speed, shrill levels of engine roar and tight competition, but after a whole day of adrenaline-fuelled driving, where do the drivers escape to? The Novotel Al Dana Resort is the perfect place to rest those weary bones, where everyone can enjoy the luxurious settings of a resort, dine out by the beach or simply relax in the elegant lounge bar.

The resort features an exclusive pristine beach and majestic Arabian-style rooms overlooking a tranquil sea setting. It is a peaceful enclave where F1 participants and spectators can relax and experience Arabian hospitality.

Giancarlo Fisichella, Heikki Kovalainen, and Nelson Piquet of Renault F1, and Robert Kubika of BMW Sauber, are well-known names in F1 racing who have had the pleasure of experiencing this bliss, and have acquired the taste to revisit for more.

You can be assured that the Novotel has the finesse and panache to represent the kingdom for
the biggest event of the year.


Benazio R.P said...

duh liat fotonya aja pasti mencerminkan negara lain .. kapan indonesia bisa kaya gitu ya pemandangannya ? hhe . oiya lupa .

just seeing the photo must be blabla .haha english not very delicious . sorry . ahaha .

Chic said...

official hotel for Renault team? bisa ketemu Alonso doooong.. hihihihi

Vina Revi said...

Kalo F4 (baca:F se), kapan digelar, ya? *dengan muka lugu*

tuteh said...

salam kenal juga yaaaa... btw aku rada gaptek bahasa asing :D haahaha... dapetnya dikit2 doank... btw met wiken yaaaa :D eh btw mbak Vinaaaaa... F4 nih yeee :D jadi inget rebutan poster jerry yan di jogja dulu hwakakakak *ngakak*

jay ekaputra said...

Senangnya bisa jadi home base driver2 F1 ya...
Musim ini Ferrari masih punya kans utk jadi champion lagi, meskipun F-2008 belum menunjukkan performa terbaiknya. Raikkonen and Massa, bless u guys. Ron Dennis and all crew keep the faith!
Aku link posting-nya yang kali ini bro...thanks...

trancepass said...

ya, negara kita bakal maju tergantung pada sumberdaya manusia.

wah, aku malah dah biasa satu meja makan bareng Giancarlo Fisichella, Heikki Kovalainen, Nelson Piquet, dan Robert Kubika. Bahkan juga maen kelereng aja bareng2, he...

gak ada F-tse yang ada Simpan-tse..

thanks for the comment.

silakan di-link dan tenang aja Jay, ntar aku kasih gambar2 lebih bagus dan lebih dekat tentang F1, setelah itu F4 juga, mau?

Anonymous said...

mas salam kenal senang rasanya sudah berkunjung ke blog saya dan kalau boleh saya link blok mas ini..


trancepass said...

@anonymous alias langitjiwa,
thanks for visiting my blog. linking this blog? my honour...

keep blogging

langitjiwa said...

mas.selamat sore kalau boleh tahu ini sampean dimana? oh..iya kumisnya udh saya cukur...hehehehehe....


trancepass said...

di Bahrain, kang. kalo da waktu main2 kesini ya.

Anonymous said...

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Lamiss Ibrahim said...