Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

We celebrate Easter, today. Hotel is fully book as well as Zytoun, the Mediterranean Resto we have. Everyone enjoyed the feast. The parent, kids and staff.
There were games and gifts for Kids, they are so funny and cutes. I coldn't stand watching them, I grabbed one of them, lift and carry her... "get me down, get me down, i want egg more," she yelled.
While the parent were enjoying the brunch, the kids searching Easter eggs. They all had fun.

Belinda (back, third from right), Alesia (back, first from right) with the kids and some parents.

Kids searching eggs

Some guests indulged in sunbathing, the weather just great, love it!

Eat, eat and eat...! tips, bonus, money...!

That is Bobby, he's from the Philippines, busy with one of our guests.

Easter Brunch by the pool.


Chic said...

kenapa liyat photo-photo itu saya jadi kangen liburan ke pantai ya?

presty larasati said...

kayaknya anak kecil yang mz iqbal gendong ketakutan deh... hi hi :lol:

saking takutnya, g berani bilang klo dia takut, jadinya bilang,
"i wanna egg more"

devari said...

been busy too in my resort :)
tips tips :)

trancepass said...

ayo berlibur ke Bali atau lombok, banyak pantai bagus..

saking groginya dia digendong pemuda tampan nan gagah, he...

i know, we are hotelier, people are on holiday, we are rush hour...

Jiewa said...

Wao.. ini di Bahrain ya ? Hebat sekali ya turisme disana :D Lam kenal..

trancepass said...

ya, ini di bahrain. turisme lumayan ok, orang udah sadar dan melek wisata. mereke berwisata dan menerima wisatawan.

thanks for your visit.