Monday, November 3, 2008

Being MARRIOTT way

This is the first time I post an article on this ugly blog since 2 months ago. There were many things happened to me, most of them were great things, happiness.. and I enjoyed my times. One of the most remarkable events, to me, is to be part of Marriott family.

Why do I say “family” Because the company treats me like member of family. In some cases, they pamper associates like baby. They rally do take care us, because the Marriott philosophy is “Marriott takes care associate, then the associate will take care guests and finally, the guest will come back to the Marriott.”

Yes, it is just like a circle..! and not only that, Marriott put associates in a very important level, even in its core value. What are they?

Spirit to serve guests,
Spirit to serve associates,
...and spirit to serve communities.

I joined the company just recently but I can see how much they respect and appreciate me. You see, they put us on the second number, after the customers. What a great company..!

For more detail, please read below fact or go further with the website (

Marriott International, Inc (MAR:NYSE) is a leading worldwide hospitality company with more than 2,700 lodging properties, totaling approximately 499,000 rooms, including more than 10,000 vacation ownership villas, in the United State and 66 other countries and territories. The company is headquartered in Washington, D.C. It is ranked as the lodging industry’s most admired company and one of the best places to work for by Fortune magazine. In fiscal year 2005, Marriott International reported sales from continuing operations of 11.6 billion, and the company had approximately 143,000 employees at year-end 2005.


devari said...

congratulation on your success in joining Marriot.So still in Bahrain?

trancepass said...


Thanks for dropping by a comment here. I am still in Bahrain. Just want to get a better luck with new environment. wish me luck..!

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