Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today's Lesson: Brand Voice

Today, I learn something new during my traning program with Marriott. The program told me about the meaning of Brand Voice.

According to Marriott Extranet, Brand Voice is the combination of the "tangibles" and "intangibles" that together create and communicate a brand's personality. It's the products, the services, the communications, the collateral.

Each brand has a unique brand voice that reflects the personality and positioning of the brand. What it sounds like. What it looks like. What it feels like.

The Brand Voice infuses everything we do for a brand, down to the smallest detail. How we interact with the guest, what the in-room collateral looks like, the color schemes, and the music we play -- it's all Brand Voice!


devari said...

So I guess Brand Voice is more effective only for audio/video marketing (say: advertisement). is that right?
Like 'Simpati card' in Indonesia with it's brand voice: tetet totet tet.. :)

and yea brand voice also can be written up like 'how low can you go' of Sampoerna Mild

trancepass said...

I think, brand voice is a must for every single effort of marketing. It is not necessary always voice, but also includes looks, feel, appearance, colors, icon, mood, and everything that represents and refers to product.

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