Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4 Steps to Train

I was supposed to post this article last week, but since I had a problem with my internet access at home and I can't manage my "personal time" at the office mingling with my fb and yahoo stuffs, so I just have time to write now.

I participated in an in-house training recently; it was "Training the Trainer". It was all about how you as manager or supervisor train your associates or staffs. It was a quite long training, it took 2 days to accomplish complete with the tasks and a home work.

Basically, we were trained to prepare ourselves how to conduct a training including a presentation in front of our staff. What should we prepare, what are the methods, what are the steps, the tips and tricks, how to deliver the presentation and to control the situation in the class, including how to deal with a difficult participant. Generally it was A to Z things about how to perform a perfect or ideal training process.

To me it was not only an ideal training process, but more to how to get the best result which is how to transfer our knowledge and skills to our associates. Since in a training process, there are three important things we should teach which are "Skills, Knowledge and New Behaviors," it is not an easy task.

Some guys understand about skills only, others know limited knowledge and the rest trying accommodate new behavior.

One thing made me surprised was, when the facilitator mentioned there were 4 steps in a training or coaching process, which are; Review, Demonstrate, Practice and Check, he brought me to the memory of 8 years ago where I was a waiter at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, Singapore.

I clearly remember when my previous Restaurant Manager, Thomas Chang told me, "Made (they called me Made), if you want to transfer your skills and knowledge to somebody else, there are 5 things you have to follow. If you follow them, I guarantee your he won't get lost. He will be as an expert as you, or even better," Thomas convinced me.

He explained the five things, which are exactly similar with one I got from the training:
1. Give him/her a proper explanation or description;
2. Show him/her how to operate or how to perform the task;
3. Let him try to practice it him/herself;
4. Conduct evaluation on what they he/she practiced;
5. Practice and practice again.

Now let's compare with the four steps I got from the training:
1. Review
2. Demonstrate
3. Practice
4. Check

Principally, they are the same! So, if you want to teach your son about something, apply these steps and I guarantee he will be as expert as you; like father like son!

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