Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Best among the Worse

Yesterday I received voting cards (Surat Suara), to vote the Indonesian President and the Vice President. Zuhri, one of the Indonesians in Bahrain who works as a Duty Manager, passed by my office and dropped the cards. According to Zuhri, although I was initially not registered to participate in this voting, I still have chance to vote.

I received 3 voting card with 3 envelopes where only one has name. It belongs to Muki, my colleague in Kitchen Department. While the other envelopes have no name, but sure it’s for me and Sebastian, a friend in Housekeeping Department.

“Tomorrow will be the election day in Indonesia. For us in Bahrain, we can do tomorrow or the following day. Just tick on one of the pictures, put back to the envelope and send it to me,” he said.

When I opened the card, I just laughed myself. None of the candidates I like.

Anyway, seems I have to vote, to determine the best among the worse, hahaha... Or, perhaps I won’t vote and I will give the card to Agung. Infact, she didn’t get any.

No, I’d better throw it away..! Lol….!


novee said...

gyahahaaa.. kl gitu saya bersyukur kemaren di kasih sakit 3hr yeee..
saking panas tinggi, demam, ga bisa bangun dr kasur, sy ga sanggup jalan ke TPS..

dipikir2 lagi, kalopun saya ikut nyontreng, saya harus pilih siapa..?

trancepass said...


hebat tuh, dikasi sakit masih bisa bersyukur. Tapi sekarang dah baikan kan?

Oh ya, aku gak jadi milih jadinya, soalnya gak ada yang ideal menurutku.