Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Posting with First Media

After waiting for more than a year and struggling with poor Internet connection, today I successfully subscribed to First Media, one of the leading Internet and cable tv providers in Indonesia. Now I am kinda man who can hold the world with his palm.

It started when last week I saw some guys were busy installing cables along the street in front of my house. I thought they were from the PT. PLN (the national electrical company), but when one of the guys said they worked for the First Media. I told myself this is a great news.

The following day I visited the First Media's website and phoned the sales office. I spoke with Nepi who later assisted me in the subscription. The First Media is now offering a promotion. Only paying Rp.275.000,-net per month, we can have unlimited Internet connection with speed 1Mbps and 75 channels. Since it is promotion, they gave me free connections to Box Office channels for 6 months, which includes all HBO channels, MGM, Star Movies, Fox, etc.

I am supposed to get 50% discount on the installation fee, but since I prefer Sunday to install the cable, I had to pay full. Well, it’s only additional Rp.110.000,- net. However they already lend me the receiver and the cable. I don’t need to pay for the equipments. And, if I want to connect another tv, I have to pay only additional Rp.30.000,- net per month, but I didn’t take this option.

The 75 channels include news channels like BBC World, CNN , Aljazeera, etc, Discovery Channels, all NAT GEO channels, Animal Planet, some kids channels and of course all local channels.

The offer is pretty good because I can enjoy both Internet and Tv connections. My wife is more into the tv cables while I am more into the Internet. Well, honestly, If I have time I normally watch CNN, BBC World, Nat Geo Wild and HBO comedy. The rest, I don’t really care.

I hope subscribing to the First Media is a correct and right decision. I have been searching other providers like Indovision, Ok Tv, etc. and I think the First Media is the most suitable channels to my needs.

One thing that I like from the First Media is, if one day I move to a new address, they won’t charge me penalty fees.

Well, as I told you earlier. I am writing with full speed now, while I am also listening to the Aljazeera channel. Really enjoying it..!


isul said...

wah asyik tuh

trancepass said...

Thanks, buddy. Yupe, it's trully asyik.