Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick chat with Christine Hakim

I had a pretty rare experience last week. When I attended an Ifthar gathering (Buka Puasa Bersama) at the MetroTV, I met Christine Hakim, one of the senior and remarkable Indonesian movie stars. We had a quick encounter and short chat during the ifthar dinner.

Christine was invited by the management of MetroTV, one of the leading tv stations in Indonesia. The MetroTV hosted a social event called “Buka Bersama 1500 Anak Yatim” at its main studio in the MetroTV building located in Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta. Sheraton Media Hotel & Towers, the hotel where I work, sponsored the event by arranging a VIP Ifthar dinner for the VIP guests during the event. Among the distinguished guests, was the Australian Ambassador for Indonesia.

She came alone, but I guess she already knew that the Australian Ambassador was also attending the dinner. I actually came late and found her already enjoying Ta’jil menu with the Ambassador and other VIP guests. After having some chats with 2 guests from the Australian Embassy, I decided to pray Maghrib first and continue enjoying Ta’jil menu later. By the way, I prayed in the middle of orphaned children guarded by a giant Jimmy Jeep in a large TV studio.

After praying I went back to the Ta’jil menu station and continue having chats with the Australian Ambassador and his second secretary, the Head of Communications of MetroTV, the PR Manager of MetroTV and of course Christine Hakim. This is the first time I met her. From close, she looks younger than on the tv. She was wearing a traditional dress, kinda batik style long dress, complete with a long blue scarf with batik style.

In the end of conversation, she was wondering if she could have some Cabe Rawit (spicy Indonesia  chili, small but strong taste). She said, “Having Springroll and Martable won’t perfect without cabe rawit.” Unfortunately the banquette team did not prepare the chili and that’s why I offered her some Indofood chili sauce and she took some. Well, she enjoyed it.