Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sales & Marketing New Year’s Resolution

Perhaps it’s too late to propose a New Year’s Resolution. But it’s better than nothing.

For ones that get used to the habit of New Year’s Resolution, stating or writing the resolution is something ordinary.

But to me, writing a New Year’s Resolution is something special. As I realize, I even never say a single New Year’s Resolution in my life before. Though, committing to implement the contents of a resolution is another story. So here I come with New Year’s Resolution on Sales & Marketing.

If you don’t have resolution that focuses on Sales & Marketing, I guess it is worth to follow the following resolution. Since, it is actually universal and can be applied to any discipline, any field, any sector and by anyone.

I believe, by implementing one or some of the contents in the following resolution, it helps you achieve better performance on your job or career, particularly for you who are working in the field of Sales & Marketing. And moreover, the messages are actually can be also implemented in our daily life. So, although you’re not in the area of sales and marketing, I still believe it suits any business, including our life.

Sales Perspective
- I would really practice the famous three “Driving Principles of Effective Selling” in every interaction with customers; which are “Focus to the Customer”, “Earn the Right to Advance” and “Persuade through Involvement”. Every stages of sales process must refer to those principles.

- Since the God gives me two ears and one mouth, I would always listen carefully to my customers. Listening to customers must be at least twice as much as speaking. Most salesperson love to talk, but knowing when not to, is actually more important.

- I must be master in observing and determining customer needs, wants, desires, whishes, situation and even their problems by a two-to-one listening (active listening) and addressing more open-ended questions. Get high-value information as deep as possible.

- I must be able to list at least two high-gain questions on weekly basis and try to address them to my prospects.

- I must NOT be DEFENSIVE when dealing with an objection. I am mostly defensive when somebody does not agree with my idea and I even try to force the opponent to have the same agreement. This is bad and I want to change it. I must invest my times in learning more on how to encourage and empathize people.

- Follow up promptly. I will do exactly what I said, promised and would. Especially when I am in the stage of building relationship.

Marketing Perspective
- I must continue implementing the value of Driving Principles of Effective Selling in every form of marketing communications. Advertisement, press releases, website information, sales promotion and product information should be tied up with the principle of “Focus to the Customer”, “Earn the Right to Advance” and “Persuade through Involvement”. This means, 1). Information that is offered to the media and public should focus to their agenda and their point of view as well as valuable for the public. 2). I must know the right time to share the information (including when I have to inform only, when I have to call for an action, and when I should emphasize on non-commercial purposes) and 3). The information should trigger and encourage audience to engage in the process of understanding our messages.

- For a powerful press release, I have to make it concise, to the point, and it has to convey useful messages to the public. Ultimately, my press releases must “sell” ideas that meet the public’s interest and needs.

- Sending press releases must be at least once a week and media/editor pitch should be carried out before the press release are disseminated.

- When dealing with journalists, I must focus on them, respect and value their professionalism. Determine their needs and proactively ask them on the most wanted information they seek. Partner with them and thank for their supports.

- To build an integrated marketing communication program, the plan must be based on an empiric-comprehensive market research that focuses on actual market needs, situation and wants. To execute the Marcom plan, it should be consistent and strictly to follow the plan but yet to monitor the media and public reaction, in which, the spirit of “Earning Audience’s Right to Advance” and “Persuading Audience’s Involvement” must become other main focused-points to consider.

- Blast it regularly. I must consistently approach journalists with the spirit of maintaining a stronger field presence than the competition. People do business with people they know and like. And the journalists know me if I am putting my face in front of them over and over again. In the other words, I have to give varied choices of valuable information repetitively.

So, I guess that’s all the resolutions. I hope it is not too much and the most important thing is how we commit to it. Wish me luck!

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