Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Leisure Trip this year.

Yesterday, 2nd January 2010, we had a one-day leisure trip to various recreation sites in Bahrain. It was the first time this year and we enjoyed a lot

I rented a budget car from Elite Rent a car. It was a small city car, Toyota XA. It's ok for city tour.

I invited Zuhri, Marcia and Sebastian (sorry for other members of the gank, I couldn't include you due to the limited seats, hahaha.. Lol)

Instead of rounding the city, we actually travelled out of the capital Manama. We visited Amwaj Island, we went to Sitra, we did shopping at the City Centre, we went to Al Bander Resort, as well as visiting Al Dar Island office at the Fishermen Port and we also went to a beach somewhere near to a heavy manufacturing and mining area in Muharraq island (not Hid area).

Well, overall, we really enjoyed the recreation. Both Marcia and Zuhri were so happy and don’t ask Sebastian, coz he's the one who pushed me a lot.

We started from home at 9am and finished at 10pm, no wonder I was quite tired, since I was the driver. I will post details of the trip later.

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