Thursday, January 7, 2010

Survey on Hotel Guest Habits Reveals


Novotel has conducted its second survey of in-hotel habits for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, with results revealing that guests are leaving their rooms cleaner and greener, but still occasionally ending up naked in corridors and leaving unusual objects behind in their rooms.

Compared to the first Novotel survey 10 years ago, both genders are now travelling with fewer bags (1 bag per male to 2.1 bags per female), guests are more likely
to reuse towels, men are drinking less beer and more wine, and guests are making healthier food choices. However some things haven’t changed; female guests are still messier than their male counterparts, are more demanding, and more likely to ‘souvenir’ items from their rooms.

Men, meanwhile, are more generous tippers, are more likely to be caught naked outside their rooms, and are more likely to order the most expensive wine on the list.

Due in part, perhaps, to the global financial crisis, there was more restraint shown in tipping from both genders. The survey highlighted an increased level of care for the environment, with more guests now reusing towels and, in some cases, even bed linen not being changed. Interesting requests included a guest who asked if 33 rubber ducks could be placed in the bathtub before his girlfriend checked in, the guest who wanted the bath filled with red wine at the Novotel Barossa Valley, and one guest who literally took the clothes off a staff member’s back when he left his suit behind for a wedding.

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