Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cafes in Semarang

Semarang is a night city that awakes 24-hour. There are plenty of cafes open from day times until late night. If you happen to visit a café that close at midnite, you can still continue searching other cafes that open until early morning. You can also shift to hotel’s cafes which mostly open 24-hour, or simply visit Simpang Lima roundabout for culinary journey.

     a Lounge Cafe at Gumaya Hotel, Semarang

Sudoku Japanese Western Café & Restaurant
Jl. Atmodirono I No. 24 Semarang
Phone (024) 8456627, 8456628,
No fax (024) 8456629
SUDOKU Japanese Western Cafe & Resto, tercatat oleh MURI dengan prestasi pembuatan rangkaian sushi tertinggi, 2,7 meter, terdiri dari 16 jenis sushi sebanyak 1500 potong sushi. Aneka sushi bisa ditemukan di rangkaian tersebut, dari sushi salmon.

Classic Coffee House
Jl. Setiabudi Taman Tabanas Gombel Semarang
Phone: (024) 7475424
Website: http://www.classic-coffeehouse.com
Email: cust.service@classic-coffeehouse.com
Classic Coffee House serves Indonesian & International mix coffee, steak and sandwich. Facilities: coffee bar, cable TV, free hot spot, cut view, meeting room, party service, large parking area. Menu: Indonesian

Semarang Service Point
Jl. Majapahit (Brigjen Sudiarto) No. 320 Semarang
Open 8 am to 11:30 pm.
Facilities: meeting room, hair & beauty salon, spa, sauna, reflexology, massage,  car wash, car accessories, graphic design, plotter & printing. The location is eastern side of Majapahit cold store.

Prince House Cafe & Resto
Jl Mataram (MT Haryono) No. 678 Semarang
Phone: (024) 9134427
Cafe and restaurant with various facilities such as free Wi-Fi, music, air conditioning system, TV Cable, VIP room, delivery order. Open from 6 pm to 3 am.
Menu: varieties of appetizer, steaks, sandwiches,
Lemon Tea Resto Bakery & Cafe
Jalan Gayam 1 – 3 Atmodirono Semarang
Phone: (024) 8317620
Open from 10 am to 10 pm. It has 2 areas, indoor and outdoor. Outdoor is smoking area.

Wong Art Bakery &  Cafe Puri Anjasmoro
Puri Niaga Centre Blok DD5/1 Puri Anjasmoro Semarang
Phone: (024) 761 8289 – 7068 3000
Fax: (024) 762 1473
Email: wong_art@yahoo.com
Menu: Fusion, Indonesian cuisine, Asian, Western, Chocolate and pastries.

Peacock Coffee Semarang
Jl. S Parman Semarang
Peacock Coffee: a cup of coffee for your dully day.
Varieties of coffee: Americano Caffe Au Lait, Cappucino Carmelitto, Mochaccino Latte, Cinnamon Latte, Hazzelnut, Green Tea Latte, Chocolate, Cheese Cake.

JCO Semarang Paragon Coffee & Donuts
located on the ground floor of Paragon City (shopping mall)
Jl.Pemuda 118 Semarang, Indonesia, 50132
Phone: (024) 8657 9102
Fax: (024) 8657 9102
Website: http://jcodonuts.com
JCO is an International brand for donut and coffee, serving premium coffee with convenient ambience Information for francise: francise@jcodonuts.com

2U Cafe & Bistro Muria Semarang
Jl Muria No. 10 Semarang
Phone: (024) 831 2485
Special Menu 2U Cafe & Bistro:
Samples of the menu: Potato skin (mix between potato, beef, mayonnaise and cheese), Sweet sour Chicken (chicken, onion, vegetables, sauce), Udang pasir emas special 2U (prawn with coconut milk).


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