Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just like the Old Times

When I am writing this post, Heru Gutomo is at my home, Jakarta. He visits Jakarta for business and passes by his family in Tangerang area, then, he called me up to set appointment to visit my house.

Well, it’s nice to meet him. We never met each other for long time period, since I resided in Denpasar, Bali, almost 5 years ago.

We talked, talked and talked a lot, almost about everything. About our friends, careers, jobs, future plan, wife, families, and our sons. We also had some discussion about politic, book, social, nation, government policies, etc. We enjoyed it a lot, we talked till very late night. No, it’s until 2am in the morning, very early morning, just like the old days when were in the college. When we were young.

I texted his wife, “I borrow your husband tonight.  Romance and intimacy sneaking through our lips.”

“Tonight, we temporary forget about our wife, just to enjoy the romance,” I added.

She replied, “Go ahead. I am sure he’ll come back to me in a piece.”

I just smiled, “Just like the old ways.”

Well, when I am writing this article, Heru is now playing with Ehan, my son (2 years old). Been away from his family for almost a week, seems he misses Bagas, his son (3 years old).  By the way, Heru taught me how to deal with a 2 years old son, and particularly about how to spend valuable time with our children.