Friday, November 2, 2007

Al Yacout: Exotic Exquisite Vibrant Dining Venue

AL YACOUT Restaurant at Novotel Al Dana Resort proudly introduces its new Belly dancer as well as a new female and a male singer, all are brought directly from Morocco. The restaurant has been very popular among the diners in the Kingdom and the management is very happy with unexpected demand since the opening.

In order to response this demand and to maintain the customer satisfaction, Al Yacout is improving the quality of food, services and entertainment. The restaurant currently employees 12 Moroccan hoteliers or approximately 80 percent of total restaurant’s staff, where are posted in all sections of the service; from kitchen, waiter/waitress, to entertainer. This is to ensure the guest will experience a truly dining tradition of Morocco.

The newly vivacious belly dancer will collaborate with two Gnawi musicians to refresh the atmosphere and to deliver vibrant rhythmic motions. It generates an exotic dining experience complemented with uplifting entertainments, mixed with local’s warmth.

The food itself is a selection of delectable modern Moroccan food prepared by some illustrious chef divas, from Marrakesh, who have been putting up their hands to work for authentic and creative dishes in top restaurants and hotels across the region.

The interior and d├ęcor share contemporary Moroccan arts inspired by an ancient Kasbah in Marrakech. Four ornamented pillars act as centrepieces, where right inside of these pillars, the new belly dancer performs, accompanied with soulful music presented by a Gnawa musician.

Al Yacout states that one should experience a sensuous culinary trip, designed to indulge all your senses throughout the journey, from appetizer to dessert and cocktails. This 140 seats fine restaurant offers the exotic beachfront dining moment for both residents and visitors to the island.

Through those additional features, the restaurant makes its presence known in the Kingdom of Bahrain as the most exotic Moroccan dining venue.