Sunday, November 4, 2007

ITHAKA: The Journey of Ulysses

The Culture vultures, the Italian Embassy and the Italian Bahraini Friendship Association hosted a charity piano concert at my hotel, I mean the hotel where I work for, last night.

The concert featured renowned Italian pianist Cristinana Pegoraro delivered a theme "Ithaka - The Journey of Ulysses: the piano as a vessel in discovering the Mediterranean.
Cristiana played four peices inspired by the poem Ithaka (written by the Greek poet Cavafis), which is based upon the voyage of Ulysses. It tells about the need to unite people from diverse cultures, religions and traditions of the Mediterranean, a region as a place encompassing solidarity, tolerance and friendship, asn as a defender of peace; a sea as unifiying force and a sysmbol of dialogue between gistories which are different, but which are all about the same universal subject: mankind.

According to Deborah Lanyon, one of the Culture Vultures member, all profits raised will go to the Alia School for Ealy Intervention and RIA Centre. The event, sponsored by African and Eastern, Contax and Euromotors, was part of the first Italian Cultural Festival which continues until next Thursday (8th November 2007).

People were very happy with her performance. Everyone seems enjoyed the evening. I myself, eventhough I have no idea about piano and classical music, but i enjoyed her performance. The music, the arrangements were very nice.

But why people just sit down and whatch...? How could they enjoy it? I was about to dance, my legs just started grooving by themselves, following the rhythm, eventhough there was no order from my brain. But I realized, i was in a middle of such a classical concert, something like this. everybody was sitting down, paying very serious attention to the performance and the mood was very calm, quiet, only sound of piano.

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