Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome back my winter

Yeah... just wanna note. Today is really cold. The winter is coming back. It's really freezing out there. Today, 28th November 2007, the real winter gets started. It's colder then my flat's AC, perhaps 16 or 18 celcius. I dont know, maybe less.

Plus, the wind blows pretty hard. It has been couple weeks ago, the weather here pampered me. I like going out, walking under the warm sun, breathing the fresh air, which is not really fresh i, think. How can you say it's fresh if you are surrounded by noisy and lots of dense traffics round you. Damn...!

Like this afternoon, I ran here, ran there, doing busy with some of my bloody routines. Those hotel's jobs made me crazy, suck my time. I tried combining two month jobs into a 28 days working hours with some overtime almost every nite. Yeah, i have to do it, no choice, i gotta finalize everything before my leave. But i was not sweat, its kind of surprising me...

Well, welcome back my winter. I believe, upcoming months would be chilling days... and i had better get prepared, before my bones stuck.