Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I did not ask, they gave it

Hm... praise to the God, who created the universe...

The boss phoned me, I said, can i see you? "Come, please," he replied.

I went to his office, as usual bringging some documents. This time I showed him some pictures I took. Images of Alesia, my colleague at the sport & leisure department. She is the only superviser there. I showed him four pictures of her "action", doing exercise with some dumbells, and othe fitness stuffs. Hmm... reminded me when I enjoyed my gym last time in Bali. Another picture was a banana boat, an image I took last year, where there was a huge crowd in the resort during Eid al Fitr 2006, around october last year.

He chose one and of course he aggreed the Banana boat one. After some short conversation, i asked permission to leave. But suddently, he asked, "well, how much your salary currently?"

Dare, how come, he couldn't remember my salary? I just wondered in my heart. I replied spontaneously the amount. "Ok, it will be increased this month," he said.

"Thank you, sir. Thank you very much." Not lots of conversation we had, the next question was he asked whether i had a friend from Bali who probably wanted to find a job at this property.

I said, i had to search my friend. "As long as from Bali, like you, like Suka, Marcya and.... the other one, I dont remember...."

"Agung, Sir." I mentioned the last balinese name in the resort.

"Who is she?"

"Agung, the balinese waitress."

"Um, yeah, yeah.. Agung." He try recalling a figure.

"Look, i dont want from Jakarta, coz, there are mostly... um.., you know... different. Why?" He questioned me rhetoric.

"Well, Sir... we have different culture, different place." I answered.

"From Bali is good, but not Jakarta," he added.

"Maybe because Bali is a tourist destination and people from Bali know well how to deal with tourism and hotel jobs. While Jakarta is a Capital, it's a big city and you know, like New Yorker, the will behave different, maybe little bit snob, something like this," I answered.

"I see.."

* * *

Anyway, that was my conversation with the Boss. There were two things contrast I found. First he increases my salary. It means I am happy, but the other matter, he does not like Jakartan. That makes me sad.

I know Jakartan are mostly arrogant, and they are more superior when they come to region, like Bali or other regencies. They controll everything, teaching us, people from island. But not all of them, I think. Some of them are good, some of them are bad.

I hope, my boss will meet a good Jakartan. Wallahu a'lam.

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