Sunday, November 18, 2007

White Beach Party

NOVOTEL’s private beach was scheduled to host the White Beach Party, following its successful of the initial event. The party beat the resort’s beach on 8th November 2007, and again, after his stunning performance on August 2007, Mountana continued to show his skills on the deck!

The white sandy beach was set to accommodate nightlife goers and was decorated with white-glowing fabrics, combined with a spectacular sound and lighting system, submerging the entire audience in an unforgettable experience.

All decors and ambiences were designed in white colors, and guests were encouraged to wear their favorite white outfits. As a result, the evening was tailored to entertain clubbers and transport crowd into an endless exhilarating party, an event that must be seen to experience it - everyone should.

The music comprised of electro house music’s, programmed and seamlessly constructed by Mountana, who returns to spin clubbers with his latest mixes. His uniquely distinguished arrangements, rhythm, melody, and hits were combined to splash the Novotel beach and to offer an agreeable coastal atmosphere where music fans could dance by the sea.

Mountana is a young talented DJ and has 22 years experiences in nightlife and entertainment. He was a resident DJ for many world’s exclusive nightlife spots, such as the Pacha, the Theatro, the Niki Beach and more.

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